Why is Online Gaming The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?


It’s been a while since the online game has manipulated people with its charm. Millions of active players daily play online games and experience great fun. Large varieties of games are available online that fascinate players and provoke them to play it regularly. Although online games have gained immense popularity, many of us don’t know they are not just about fun and online games are useful too. Read the text below to know why online games are considered the best things.

Why are online games considered to be the best things?

Online games have way more benefits than thought and this is the reason it is said to be the best thing since sliced bread. There is a lot more to learn from online games by just enjoying. Here is a list of benefits of online gaming:

  • It helps developing skills:

Whenever you play games online that need strategy and multitasking you automatically take a step towards improving skills. Playing complex card games and shooting games can help you build your strategic skills. These games help you improve memory, analytical skills and develop concentration. Many card games that you play involve money investment making players play with an alertness that improves their mind processing power.

  • It makes you a decisive person:

Whenever you play online games like shooting games and card games you need to make a decision instantly as you don’t have enough time to think slowly. This will improve your thought process and make you a decisive person. Play more and more games that have time restrictions that will also help you in learning time management. Play games like Pubg and Fortnite that will improve the accuracy of your decision and help you make better life decisions too.

  • It helps you socialise better:

It is a myth that playing online games will socially isolate a person. Instead playing online games will help you socialise better than anything. Even introverts who don’t socialise at all can easily create friends and talk with them on online gaming platforms. Through chatting options available on games, you can connect to various people across the globe. Also using multiplayer games you can coordinate with other players around the world to get a new friend. Isn’t it cool someone whom you didn’t know is now your friend? Play games and create a social group of your age 

  • It helps to build confidence:

Online gaming platforms are believed to increase confidence. Yes, it is for some logic. In online gaming, the anonymity factor plays an important role in increasing confidence. As no person will judge you about how you are playing or who you are. No one knows which school you go to or what you are bad at. This will increase the confidence of a player and he will surely play best. Also when you play those games that need a leader you can surely be one as online gaming is not biased it will not choose you according to what marks you got.

  • It can help you overcome depression:

Yes, it is true online games can help you overcome depression as it transmits you to another world. Playing online games will make you relax and give you a feeling of calmness. It will minus negative thinking from your brain and fill it with lots of positive thinking. Various games are especially available for giving you a feeling of happiness and reducing depression. Search on google about games on depression and you will find games in bulk. Try playing games when you feel low and see the magic you will surely forget your depression and this is also scientifically proven.

  • It helps developing problem-solving skills:

Playing puzzle games and tricky games can help your brains stimulate better that can develop your problem-solving skills. Also playing games apart from these can help you with your problem-solving skills as in each game there are some tasks that you need to solve to win the game. Playing quizzes can help you with both problem-solving skills and general knowledge. Choose wisely games that are beneficial to you and your brain. Play games like a crossword puzzle, sudoku, chess and jigsaw puzzles. It has also been proved by scientists online games increase creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • It can help control your emotion:

There is a popular myth that says that online games can make people violent. This is not an actual scenario as online gaming can in turn help you manage your emotions. In online gaming, everything cannot always go as we think and this could create frustration in people’s head. Also, online gaming is fun but can anytime turn into anger if you lose. And while playing these you go through fluctuations of emotions. Therefore playing online games regularly can help you control your emotions. It will teach a person how to calm themselves and get back again.

  • It can improve your vision:

Shocked to read this, but yes online gaming can increase your vision power. As long as you play in moderation you can easily reap its benefits. Until you continuously stare 5-10 hrs long on your screen you will always damage your eyes. Play for fixed time daily so that you don’t damage your eyes. Also, research was conducted in which non-gamers were trained for 30 minutes and were asked to play with gamers. As a result, they found that gamers were able to notice small details and small objects whereas non-gamers were not able to see small details. Minds of gamers are trained to pay attention to each detail. 

  • It improves coordination of your body:

Playing online games can improve your hand-eye coordination at its best. You need to react to the online games through the hands and what you see on your screen. While playing games like Pubg, if you see an enemy ahead of you then you need to shoot him instantly by pressing the shoot button. This is what hand-eye coordination is. It is proved by researchers that people who play online games can do the difficult task easily. Also, the mistakes that gamers make while doing any work is 37%  less than non-gamers. Also, there are games specially made for patients that have suffered from stroke to improve the working of the wrist.

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Tips to make your online gaming a safe play:

  • Do not download any cheat games from fraud websites. These games will introduce viruses to your device and can cause harm to the data present on your device.
  • Download only legal updates available on the official sites.
  • Never give your email address to any unauthorised source as it can create a problem. These sources can send spam emails that contain malware.
  • Don’t make your id on any gaming website through your real name. Remember your user name should not match with your real name and should not give any link to your real identity. Also don’t give your character your birthdate.
  • Create a strong password for your account. Don’t choose a password that has your name or birthdate in it as it can be easily guessed.
  • Ensure that your computer or phone has a good antivirus that is always on. Always schedule a scan for your device if you regularly play online games. Keep your antivirus up to date to ensure the safety of the device.
  • Be aware of what you talk about and with whom you talk. As online gaming is a platform that connects people from worldwide you don’t know with whom you are playing games and where they belong to. Don’t share any personal information with anyone on these sites. Always treat them as gamers only, not real friends and don’t share numbers or any social ids with them.
  • If you get the victim of cybercrimes like cyberbullying or harassment on any online gaming platform, report it as abuse and inform your family immediately. At times gamers can get frustrated and abuse the player on the other side. In this case, you must not abuse it as a reaction but report it.
  • Some gamers can try to manipulate you to meet you in real life after you get in touch with them on online gaming platforms. Be aware of these predators and never meet them in real and cut down contact with them. Also if you are a parent then don’t let your kids meet their online friends in reality as this could lead to harassment.
  • Be aware of fraud virus alerts that pop on your screen. Don’t open any pop up related to a virus until it is from your software. These alerts can download the fraud software that is not necessary and are full of viruses and malware. Just opening them can begin the download so don’t open them.


Online gaming is the best thing and will always remain when played with all safety measures. Play online games in your free time to enhance your personality for better. Keep all the points above regarding safety in mind to enjoy a better gaming experience.


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