All You Need About World Football Day: What, How, When, Why, Next?

Top 10 Best Sports Games In The World
Football - Top 10 Best Sports Games In The World

All You Need About World Football Day: What, How, When, Why, Next?


Football is amongst the most tremendously loved sport across the world. The sport has a remarkable fan base that enjoys significant popularity across the European continent, Asia, and the Americas. Football is now emotion and a part of people’s life. Without football, the sporting world is truly incomplete as it is also the most respected sport.

The football game is played by the youngsters and adults casually as professionally. There are various international as well as domestic professional football tournaments that are held including FIFA World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, etc. As we play and enjoy watching the sport, it is important to mark the glory of the game.

World Football Day | Ancient Football
World Football Day | Ancient Football

Before getting knowledge of the auspicious football day, let us have a look at the history of football and how the game originated:


How did the Football sport originate?

The origin of the football game can be traced back to 2000 years where the members of the Han Dynasty of China first practiced the sport. In Ancient China, Football was earlier played as fun and the rules of the sport were limited to pushing objects by the leg. A similar instance was observed on the Japanese Land 1400 years ago.

Where did the modern football regime kick-off?

The history of modern football can be encrypted to the accustoms and traditions in England. England is believed to be the home of a professional football game. In England, professional football games developed where the players were divided into two teams, and the object- the football was kicked upon and passed.

World Football Day | History Of Football
World Football Day | History Of Football

As the game faced tough resistance from the home crowd due to opposition of kicking by Saxons, it was banned in the 16th Century but was revamped in 1863 where formal rules and association were formed. After then, all the European nations accepted the sport and started to practice the game professionally and conducted matches.

Where was the first official football game played?

The first official football game between two teams was played on 24th October 1987 in Russia. Football is significantly popular in the Soviet Union and the citizens enjoy playing and watching the sport. Since the first match, Russia and England have competed in various international matches between the two nations.

When was football inducted in the Olympics?

Football gained significant popularity in Europe and Asia after its inception and professionalism in Russia and Europe. Football was first introduced as an exhibition sport at the 1900 Olympics and continued to serve for another Olympic. In the 1908 Summer Olympic Games, football was officially inducted as a sport in outdoor events.

World Football Day | Olympics Football
World Football Day | Olympics Football

What is the World Football Day?

Football enjoys a tremendous following across the world and has been seriously accredited as the most popular sport in the world. Football is played in over 150+ countries in the world as a profession. Many sportspersons have established their career in football and went a long way, eg. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

World Football Day is an international football event where the glory of sport is embarked and celebrated across the world. World Football Day has an important linkage in the regulating bodies as they solely manage the events related to the crucial day. World Football Day is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm and passion.

World Football Day | What is the Football?
World Football Day | What is the Football?

World Football Day is celebrated by billions of people on this planet to embrace the glory of the sport. The football game is approximately played by over 120 million athletes in the world and is enjoyed by millions of amateurs who play the game on streets, squares, or parks. The football game is recognized and honored by all the existing global bodies.

When is World Football Day celebrated?

10 December

World Football Day is celebrated on 10th December every year. 10th December marks an important date in the history of football as players and fans come out on the streets to play the sport and celebrate the event. World Football Day is celebrated by millions of people and pivotal professional and amateur events are organized by football bodies including the FIFA, AFC, UEFA, and ASC.

World Football Day | Celebration
World Football Day | Celebration

Who established World Football Day?

United Nations

The global governing body United Nations established and formally declared 10th December as World Football Day. United Nations is the highest level global regulatory body and it decided the fate of the day in consultation with the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). The two autonomous bodies jointly host and commemorate the iconic sporting event known as World Football Day.

What is the purpose of World Football Day?

World Football Day is celebrated globally and the purpose of the signature event is to bring in millions of footballers together and cherish the beauty and enjoy the beautiful game. It brings in all the supporters along with professionals on the streets. For most people on the globe, football is more than a game. It is their emotion and basic need which they like and cherishes forever.

What is the International Football Day?

International Football and Friendship day are popularly launched and celebrated by Russia. It spread across fifty countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. April 25 is celebrated as International Football and Friendship Day in fifty countries but there is no official recognition given to the event by the global regulatory bodies.

What is the difference between World Football Day and International Football Day?

World Football Day is celebrated on 10th December whereas International Football Day is commemorated on 25th April. World Football Day has global recognition by established regulatory authorities whereas International Football Day is unofficial. 10th December is widely celebrated as World or International Football Day.


So hold your heads high and join the grand celebrations on the upcoming World Football Day on 10th December 2021. The much-awaited World Cup is also scheduled for next year and it is time for the supporters to come together and show their unity.

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