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WWE 2021: Records that could tumble in upcoming Royal Rumble

Worlds Wrestling Entertainment (WWE’s) pay-per-view of the year which would be the 34th edition of the event, is all set to happen on January 31st, 2021. This even is traditionally known for 30-man and 30-woman Royal Rumble match and this would qualify the deserving to compete in the WrestleMania.

So what’s new this year? The obvious change is that the even would be happening behind closed doors. This is due to the ongoing pandemic effect all over the world. Hence, being a closed door event, it is highly likely to have a record break happening in the event. Record which can include highest eliminations, most number of rumble and attendance. Let’s have a brief look on these records.

– Most Eliminations: This record is currently being held by Kane who has 44 to his name under the gimmick and overall 45. The closest competitor for this record are The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels (40), Stone Cold Steve Austin (36), Triple H (33) and Strowman (32). It would be a sight to see who would take away this record with him this year.

– Most time at the Rumble: This record is currently with Chris Jericho who spent the most time at the Rumble. It was four hours and 59 min. He has a tight competition here as the competitors are very close. Hunter (four hours) and Rey Mysterio (three hours and 56 minutes). This is a unique record and maintaining the stream would might not be easy.

– Lowest Attendance: This record is most likely to be broken this year. It is so as this year, due to pandemic, the first edition is happening in closed doors. There would be almost no crowd in the stands. It is not yet confirmed the number of audience WWE would permit, however, it would definitely not be same like previous years. There is a high chance that the lowest attendance 9, 600 recorded at the event in 1996 to date might break.

The matches and results this year are very rarely predictable as the pandemic has changed the look and situation of the event. Fans are in the “wait and watch” mode which will surely make this event more awaited and interesting.