#WeWantMiaYim: WWE Fans Call Out for Debut of Mia Yim Through Trends on Social Media!


The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans have started a campaign on social media to call out for the debut of their favorite WWE stars. Earlier this year, Mia Yim and Shane Thorne were moved to Smackdown after WWE broke up with the Retribution. Both the stars have since then not been on the television to entertain the audience. Fans then have started a movement to see the debut of Mia Yim in Smackdown.

#WeWantMiaYim is one of the most trending tweets on Twitter currently. Fans can’t wait to see Mia Yim back to fight in Smackdown. Fans are blindly speaking out their love for the WWE Star through the social media platform. They are eager to see her back in action and demanding to bring her on the television very soon.

Mia Yim has not been used in Smackdown. She was moved to the blue brand earlier this year. Her debut was scheduled to take place in early May but was rescheduled and then mixed. All the fans are waiting to see her on her debut. But the rescheduling of her matches is making the fans very impatient and they are not able to wait for her debut.


Many fans tweeted great things about Mia Yim, recalling her past journey. Some fans stated that she’s a great talent in the ring and a veteran in the game. She will truly serve as a heavyweight in Smackdown defeating many girls together in the ring. Fans love her fighting styles and are really eager to see her in action and on television very soon.

Mia Yim is engaged to Keith Lee. Both of them have been off television for a while and haven’t clarified their reasons. Their optimistic break has raised many questions of their fans and they are curious to know about their entry.


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