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WWE to release Indian Wrestler Kavita Devi and other NXT Superstars

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has released Indian female wrestling professional Kavita Devi, ahead of annual contracts for the year 2021-22. Kavita Devi was India’s first female professional wrestler who had last wrestled for the company in July 2019.

The WWE is reportedly facing some budget issues due to the ongoing pandemic. Many wrestlers were released by the company due to budget cuts of the wrestling federation. The wrestling community is facing severe hardship due to the crisis.

Kavita Devi was scheduled to wrestle in the initial months of this year at the WWE Superstar Spectacle but was replaced by Sareena Sandhu. Devi had competed on WWE’s biggest platform during the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania in New Orleans, United States.

After the mega competition in New Orleans, Devi had returned to India due to an internal family concern. After that, she did not return to the United States ever again.

Kavita Devi hails from the North Indian State of Haryana. Before joining the WWE, she was a police officer in the State Police Department. The local community hailed Devi as a hardworking and honest personality. Kavita Devi has trained wrestling under the former WWE Champion and Indian Wrestling Professional The Great Khali at his Punjab-based training academy and wrestling promotion federation.

Devi was one of the 32 wrestlers chosen to compete in a tournament named after Mae Young. She was selected by the WWE after taking part in the WWE Dubai Tryout, where she grabbed the attention of the selectors.

Other than Kavita Devi, WWE NXT superstar Velveteen Dream was also released by WWE. M. Clark was also released, however, her release was not made public due to some internal reasons. Many sources confirmed her release.

WWE will soon renew contracts with all the professional wrestlers.

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