WWE to Sign a New Contract with Daniel Bryan


The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is all set to sign a new contract with 39-year old wrestler Daniel Bryan. The Wrestling fraternity was tensed about Daniel’s future after his loss to Roman Reigns in the Smackdown that took place in the last week.

According to sources, Daniel Bryan’s contract with the WWE had either expired or was about to expire following his last week’s defeat against Reigns in the Universal Championship. Bryan had not spoken about his contract publicly and everyone was curious to know the status of his contract with the wrestling entertainment giant. The sources had however confirmed that they heard about the expiration of the contract with Bryan

With speculations of Bryan signing a new contract, several insider reports claimed that Bryan could have signed a new deal and is willing to work without a contract. The reporters also mentioned that no news of a farewell to Bryan was round the corner.


However, strong sources revealed that WWE is in the works to prepare and sign a new contract with Daniel Bryan. Bryan had hinted to work for multiple companies in the future, however,  he isn’t sure that WWE will allow him for the same or not. Bryan will definitely have an upper hand in the future negotiations with WWE in an anticipation of a new contract.

If WWE doesn’t renew its contract with Daniel Bryan, the wrestler will definitely work for multiple wrestling entertainment agencies. Some fans claimed that Bryan can potentially enter the AEW soon. The upstart competition AEW has hired many professional wrestlers who have quit WWE in the past couple of years. 

Bryan is a four-time WWE Champion and a five-time World Champion. The WWE will open all the doors of return for him. The exit of Bryan will be a great loss to the wrestling federation. However, the time will only tell us that when we’ll be able to watch Bryan back in the ring.

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